MADE arhitekti

Expo pavilion of Latvia in Milan 2015, IT, international competition, 1st prize, 2013

Concept and architecture — MADE arhitekti, MAREUNROL’S
Producers — Positivus Event
Artists — Sigvards Kļava, Rolands Pēterkops (MAREUNROL’S), Voldemārs Johansons, Roberts Rubīns, Anda Poikāne, Dainis Pundurs
Visual identity — Design agency 'Brandbox', branch of McCann WorldGroup Riga

Pavilion of Republic of Latvia represents idea that sustainable development is reached through healthy ecosystem, where all material and immaterial values are in balance. The open space of pavilion — space Under Branches — is the place, where everyone can feel energy of singing Latvian ecosystem. In the space Under Branches visitors can enjoy the journey of light, sound and smell, and within that emotional experience one can get to know Latvia.

The space Under Branches is the main part of exhibition. Towards the main Expo street Decumanus, the base of Under Branches space is made of steps and slopes, freely accessible for everybody, including wheelchair users and visitors with strollers. In the center of Under Branches space there is an information desk and a kiosk for a serving of slow food. Towards Cascina Triulza the Under Branches space forms the amphitheater, which serves as a seating place during concerts and other events.

Within the Roots there are located kitchen, service rooms, store rooms, changing rooms and closed exhibition space. The entrance to the Roots is planned from Cascina Triulza, next to the amphitheater of the Under Branches space. The exit from exhibition space is planned to the side street.

Within the Leafage there is located conference center and office space. The Leafage level can be accessible through two stairs and an elevator. The stairs together with adjacent elevator is planned for public and invited guests, while other staircase is planned for personnel. During emergency the exit is organized using both stairs. One of the stairs has a smoke proof condition and there is safe place for wheelchair users.

The construction of pavilion is planned using wooden materials as much as possible, which includes cross laminated timber (CLT), plywood, massive wood and insulation of wood fiber. The main frame of construction is planned from steel, which is upheld on the concrete basement plate, in order to ensure rational, easy buildable and safe construction.

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